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Finish & Colours

All our timber windows are prefinished as standard and come in a variety of colours to suit the specific moods and design requirements of our client base.

The majority of our windows are constructed from triple laminated softwood which would receive nontransparent finishes, but we also offer several hardwood species such as Oak and Mahogany which may be finished in clear lacquers or stained to match elements of the surrounding structure.
Should it however be required we are able to offer our products un‐finished, or primed only for site
decoration to client specifications.

Paint finishes are supplied by Sikkens, Teknos, and Sadolin. All leading manufacturers in the supply of industrial paints for wooden surfaces.

All our products are water based, offering the following advantages over traditional solvent based
• Paints are quick drying
• Highly resistant to fungal growth
• Offer a high UV resistance, thus prolonging product life
• Colour stability
• Easy to maintain and can be wiped clean
• Safe to use with extremely low risk to applicators and end user alike
• Kind to the environment, minimising waste and recyclables

Our U.V. resistant paint products are factory sprayed for unrivalled smooth finish that will provide years of durable protection for external timber elements. We also offer customers a choice of different colours internally or externally to compliment the surrounding elements.

Four steps to the perfect finish
Every product receives four coatings to ensure it will stand up to the elements:
1. Timber impregnation. We impregnate all timber sections with a preservative using a double vacuum process. The preservative protects the product from decay and fungal attack, ensuring its durability whatever the conditions around it may be.
2. Primer. Primer is applied to ensure an optimal bond between the raw timber face and subsequent layers of paint applied.
3. Special intermediate primer. This second layer of primer fills the timber pores, stopping water from penetrating the timber thus preventing wood wrot.
4. Paint or varnish. The final coat protects the product from atmospheric impact (Rain, UV light, heat, cold, wind, etc.) and applies a colour or stain to it to leave a beautifully coated finish that will provide years of aesthetic pleasure.

Colour selection
Paint colour may be selected from the RAL colour range.

For translucent finished a variety of tints can be achieved. Please refer to the colour palate below.