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We believe that timber is one of the best building materials for our modern world. It was at the forefront of original construction methods and in recent years has experienced a major comeback. It is now favoured by architects, local authorities, developers and home owners alike before uPVC, metal or aluminium units. Not only is it durable, versatile and aesthetically pleasing, it is also an excellent natural insulator. Most of all though it is a renewable resource, carbon neutral in its production and kind to the environment.

The timber we use comes from the Northern regions’ sustainable forests where the growth of trees in these countries with severe climates is slower, which makes the timber denser and more durable.

All our timber is supplied with a chain of custody and can be traced back to the forest it was harvested from. We use only FSCⓇ (Forest Stewardship CouncilⓇ) certified timbers.

The majority of our windows are made from European Redwood (Pine), but we also offer all window types in a selection of hardwoods. The most popular under these would be Oak and Meranti. We can however manufacture windows from any wood species should clients have specific requirements.

What is engineered timber (Laminated wood)?
Engineered timber is a structural timber product composed of several layers of dimensioned lumber glued together. By laminating several smaller pieces of wood, a single large, strong, structural member can be manufactured from smaller timber, thus making it more environmentally friendly than standard single section wood.

This product is also known as Glued‐Laminated Timber or Glulam. Flairlane use only laminated wood in the production of our windows and doors as this befits a 21st century product.

Advantages of Engineered Timber for windows and doors
• It is free from excessive shrinking and setting.
• Allows immediate trimming or other decoration, while traditional timber requires 1‐2 years for final settling.
• Unlike traditional timber, engineered timber is free from dry‐cracks and twisting, i.e. the windows
stay as beautiful and as air‐tight as they were at the beginning and there is no need to seal and
caulk cracks.
• Engineered timber is stronger, longer lasting and better‐looking than whole timber because the
defects such as knots and resin pockets are removed.
• Engineered timber technology is capable of producing large cross‐sections from ordinary lumber.
There is no need to use thick aged trees that are rare and expensive. That is often why the
laminated timber of large cross‐section appears to be less expensive than a whole one.
• Members can be made up of the same strength grade of timber throughout or may incorporate
higher grade material in the upper and lower layers where the stress concentrations are higher.
• Virtually unlimited in depth, width, and length.
• Can be manufactured in a wide range of shapes.
• Provides higher design strengths than sawn lumber.
• Provides better utilization of the available timber resource.
• Technological advances in laminating over the past four decades have further increased the
suitability and performance of wood for modern timber window applications.

Cut through engineered timber section

The machinery that makes it all work
At the heart of our production facility sits the Weinig Unicontrol 6, capable of producing nearly any window section required. This machine is computer numerically controlled (CNC) and will transform a single length of wood to a ready‐made component in seconds.

For specialised sections we use the Record Routec 240 SCM (Below), able to do all curved work.