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Timber casement windows & doors

Our high performance casement windows and doors are based on original designs utilising the latest technology to achieve low U‐values (typically < 1.6 W/m2K) and a high level of security and durability.

We offer a wide range of opening options; sash and frame profiles and can match the finest details to sensitive conservation areas. Casement windows are primarily outward opening, but where required we offer these opening internally as well.

Hinge Options:
Butt Hinges
 (side or top hung) are fitted along one edge of the sash and provide a traditional appearance to the window.

Concealed Friction Hinges
 (90 & 180 degree opening options) offer a range of standard features. They are easy to use and the friction system can provide a minimized initial opening angle for child safety. A built‐in quick release lever allows a wide opening angle, as with the standard hinge. The restrictor also automatically resets when the window is closed. The egress friction hinge allows the window to open to up to 90 degrees, providing an emergency exit. The egress hinge also allows easy cleaning from the inside of the building with its release mechanism.

Sliding doors offer mainly a lift and slide mechanism, although others are available on request.

Opening Options:
- Side or Top Hung
- Side or Top Swing
- Tilt & Turn
- Fixed Sash
- Direct glazed
- Open out/in doors
- Sliding doors


Butt Hinges

• Traditional casement opens by swinging sash aside on butt hinges
• Automatic child safety lock option available
• Multi‐point espagnolette lock for maximum security with night ventilation position as standard
• Large range of sizes available
• Optional friction stay available in lieu of traditional casement stays
• Suitable for emergency egress – min clear width required 450mm.

Concealed Friction Hinges

Projecting Side Hung Projecting Top Hung

• Opens on a sliding friction hinge that allows a 90 degree opening angle. The sash slides 1/3 of the way in/down allowing the outer face to be washed from inside the building
• Max recommended frame width size 900 mm with the height always larger than width
• Built‐in adjustable friction resistance
• Suitable for emergency egress – min clear width 450mm
• Sash adjustable within the frame


Friction hinge at initial opening

Friction hinge in fully open position

180 Degree Reversible friction hinges

Side Swing Top Swing

• Reversible to a full 180 degree rotation to allow external face to be washed internally
• Automatic child safety lock restricts opening to 100mm
• Secure night ventilation position
• Locks in cleaning position for added safety
• Large range of sizes available
• Utilises Multi‐point espagnolette locking
• Suitable for emergency egress – min clear width 450mm
• Sash adjustable within the frame

Sliding Doors
Timber sliding doors are the ideal way to bring outside in. We offer a range of door types,
sliding mechanisms and glazing options to meet any nearly every client request. Our doors are extremely secure and use the latest developments in ironmongery to fulfil this requirement.
More details are available on request.

Sliding door set in corner arrangement to maximise the use of natural light and fresh air.

Sliding door set with fanlight over, clad in Aluminium externally (See alu clad section).

Bi‐folding doors
Another ingenious way of fully appreciating the outside. These doors can open in any number to suit your mood, from just a single leaf, three or all of them. Sets available up to 7 doors wide.

Bi‐folding doors, partly open above, and fully open below.

Shapes and styles
Flairlane can produce timber windows and doors of any shape and size desired.
Please contact us for more information and schematic diagrams of what is possible.

Timber window and sliding door hardware
We offer a range of standard hardware options to choose from, most handles can be provided with an integrated lock, or emergency egress facility.

Various Handle styles are available, above are two examples.

Our range of standard colours